Euro headlights????

Michael L. Riebs
Wed, 6 Feb 2002 19:06:25 -0500

> Thank you Roger.  I too am running stock watt bulbs
> (55/60) with 4 Bosch relays.  I also struggled to see
> "past the end of the hood" with my stock lamps.  Your
> descriptions are vivid and deadly accurate IMO.  Those
> who don't notice any difference must either have the
> wiring wrong(I saw a thread about this a few times) or
> they're not relayed or the aim is way off.  IMO, the
> difference is just too remarkable not to be blown
> away.
> Jim Accordino

Uhm, Jim...

The fact that you have the 4 Bosch relays doesn't give you "Euro
headlights". I am sure you know this already. However, the difference that
was referred to in the string below is between E-specs and DOT's. I have
never actually experienced the DOT/relayed setup, but I can assure you that
there is still a ways to go from there to the E-spec.

Some of the benefits to making the change completely are:
a) Better focused light beam. This is handled through the pattern
disbursement in the lens itself.
b) Clearly defined "drop" in the beam, so that you don't get nearly as mush
"random light" glaring back at you in fog or dense snow, since the upper
edge of the light will always be below your line of sight (if properly
c) Higher wattage, along with the relay installation AND the E-spec
reflector and lens, as well as 4 high beams, gives you an immense amount of
d) Low beams that cast light MUCH further ahead in the right side, than in
the left into oncoming traffic (reverse for GB I suppose).
E-specs are NOT simply relayed DOT's with higher wattage.

Now, I am sure that you have seen a remarkable difference by relaying your
DOT's, but know that you could be looking at (my guess is) a similar upgrade
by going all-out E-spec, as you experienced from DOT to DOT+relay.

Oh, and BTW: Cost of E's to DOT's is within $100 for a pair for my '90 V8. I
think the dealer quoted $478 for each, and S&G Imports quoted %515 each for
the E's. Alexander Van Gerbig quoted me $399 each for the E's. I can't wait
to get on a gravel road this summer behind a farm machine, and have the
insurance co. replace my headlights and front windshield under my
comprehensive insurance... Then I'll have E's and a few $ left over!

Michael Riebs
Grand Rapids, MI
'90 V8Q
'98 A6QA

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> wrote:
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> > It amazes me that this thread reappears continually.
> >  It further amazes me that people have 5000/200 TQ
> > cars without European headlamps and actually drive
> > them at night.  It is positively amazing to me that
> > there are some who claim no noticeable difference
> > with European headlamps.
> >
> > I have had an '87 5000 CSTQ and a 200CSQ...both were
> > Avants.  Let me say this only once:  driving in
> > rural Maine, neither car was safe to drive at night.
> >  Low beams were adequate for city or in-town
> > driving.  High beams were inadequate, and so poorly
> > focussed as to be dangerous at anything approaching
> > the 45 mile per hour rural speed limit.  The
> > headlight were adjusted to get the most light down
> > the road, but the problem was totally unfocussed
> > light...just a big, DOT mandated blob of light that
> > diffused at much more than a hundred feet.
> >
> > I switched the headlights in the 200 to European
> > lights.  Yes:  VERY expensive.  Bought at a famous
> > aftermarket internet retailer and installed by my
> > authorized dealer.  The headlights had H-4 bulbs and
> > H3 bulbs...the H4 was for "normal" or "low" or
> > "dipped" beams...depending on your nationality.  The
> > beam was very flat on top, and rose 15 degrees on
> > the right side of the road which was fine for
> > in-town driving or when meeting on-coming cars, as I
> > could still see the right shoulder yet NO ONE ever
> > complained about my headlights.
> >
> > But when I wanted high beams, both the H4 (main beam
> > filament) and the H3 bulbs lit up.  AND Mr. MAN:
> > let me tell you:  I could have illuminated the area
> > of a football field enough for night practice!  The
> > lights were so intensly bright, that pedestrians
> > walking toward me on the side of the road would
> > shield their eyes, and the deer?  Well the deer
> > immediately went down on their knees and prayed for
> > salvation.  (Well, OK:  I made that last part up.).
> >
> > We wired both sides separately, and used the feed
> > for the parking lights for the "city lights".
> > Worked like a charm, and I could always see in any
> > weather.  I used this car as my main driver, and
> > that meant going out in all weather as I have real
> > estate that I manage and sometimes, in the worst of
> > conditions, something breaks.
> >
> > When I sold that car last year, I was concerned
> > about the "new" Audi's lights.  The "new" Audi is a
> > '94 100 Quattro wagon, and it's regular DOT
> > headlights are bearable...not good...but not worth
> > seven hundred bucks to least not yet.
> >
> > I really think that anyone who doesnt' see a
> > dramatic improvement in night visibility with
> > European headlights has either an improper
> > installation, or simply doesn't drive where it is
> > REALLY dark enough to need the power of the Euro
> > "main beams".
> >
> > Incidentally, my headlights used stock bulbs.
> >
> > Roger
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> >
> >
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