Bought the V8

Steve Kramer
Thu, 07 Feb 2002 22:20:35 -0600

Well, looking at all of your comments, I bought the V8.
Another type 44 1990 V8 with 122k on it.

Drove very well, a lot of pick up. very clean. pearl white exterior / black

Brake pressure was great - was able to pump the brake repeatedly - unlike
the dead bomb in my poor old 89 200

Also the ignition is nice and quick - unlike the 200

No apparent leaks, tracks nicely, solid feeling tranny

According to all of you the very first item should be replacing the timing
belt. Talked with Laurel Audi about timing belt price - $1,200 (a bit better
than Midtex' price)

Now I have some items that I see are'nt working. I'd lik to hear what you
think about the cost and if i can do the repairs myself

1.  Rear driver window not working - you know my 200 had the same problem
2.  front passenger window of track - i hear the sound of the motor but no
3.  bad contact between defroster button and contactor
4.  regular beams don't work - only brights - my 200 had this problem said
to replace switch
5.  Previous owner has a Sony cd deck installed - would like to go back to
the delta system or equal
       - would like to see if i can still use the cd changer
6.  Would like to install a rear spoiler and install new wheels

Any case thanks

Steve Kramer
ex 89 200t
90 V8 quattro
00 avant quattro