When does gasoline get old?

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My extreme case is from my boat. Anyway, the boat had been in storage for o=
ver 5 years when I got a hold of her. She's an old Century Thunderbolt. Any=
way the gas in the tank was over 5 years old, and I had no idea whether the=
 carbs had been run dry or put away wet. This boat has no real exhaust syst=
em, just 6 brass pipes that go directly from the block to the outside of th=
e boat. It doesn't even have a real exhaust manifold. Anyway, I charged up =
the battery, and cranked her up. After about a full minute of cranking, she=
 fired up! I was shocked! Ran like crap, and the exhaust smelled TERRIBLE! =
And it looked like somebody had set off a dozen smoke bombs at once, but it=
 ran. I ran her up and down the river until she was almost on empty then fi=
lled her up with 105 racing fuel, and carb cleaner. Purred like a kitten! W=
ell, maybe not a kitten, more like an angry lion...have you heard an inline=
 6 with no exhaust system at WOT? Eek! It made those girly men in those ugl=
y loud cigarette boats look over... Oh, a pic of them boat in question can =
be see here: http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/Speedway/2668/thunder.JPG

1987 Coupe GT 2.3
1998 VW Passat 1.8T mit UPsolute (for sale)

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2 extremes but: (and one normal one) :)

-Found a 69 Boss 302 in a barn, bought it in 93. The tag expired in '70! It=
 was pure varnish and
almost anything fuel related was replaced...
-My spider was in storage for 5 years.. when I took it out, only the fuel t=
ank needed to be drained
and cleaned. Everything else was ok (Carbureted)
-My snowmobiles usually go cruddy from the last time I use it in march to t=
he first time the next
year which is about nov/dec. Even with stabil it gets a little green and I =
have to rebuild the carbs
every damn year.

Conditions seem to have a lot to do with it.


Pat Dooley wrote:

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> I bought my Merkur in 01 with a tag on it that expired in 96.
> The gas tank was very rusty, fuel pump locked solid and injectors frozen.