Is anyone on this list an engineer for Bosch/automotive brake systems...

joel nevin
Fri, 8 Feb 2002 05:22:37 -0800 (PST)

>  Brakes work best when they are about to cause a
> skid, not when they are
> skidding.
> Hank 90q20v

I believe that is the "braking threshold", basically
the maximum amount of force that can be applied before
friction is comprimised and the tires break loose and
When braking to optimize the stopping distance one
will try to find the threshold, and hold it there,
either with ones own foot/brain or foot/computer.

Also IMHO anti lock brakes keep the wheel from locking
up, allowing you to steer, and also find the braking
threshold maximizing your braking in slick conditions.

To me anti lock brakes were made cuz of bad drivers!!
Cars these days drive themselves, stop themselves,
correct for oversteer, tell you where your going and
play video games and movies, all you do is turn a key.


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