entertaining a 20vt conversion

Bruce Bell bbell@surview.com
Fri, 8 Feb 2002 20:55:20 -0700

 Well, you will certainly get your share of opinions on this

As a low mileage '84 UrQ owner, who has considered moving an AAN
from the corner of the garage to the engine compartment,  I feel
eminently qualified to offer up a couple of opinions.

The US UrQ won't ever be the great high priced collectors car. In
a few years it'll be easy to import the lighter, more powerful
European version. I'm sure there must be a few "perfect" examples
of those left. And the 20v version will command the highest
prices. So don't worry about collectability. Hey, If Colin can
import a sport Q then the RR powered UrQ can't be that far off.

What you need to decide, is what you want in an UrQ. The 20v will
drive with a completely different character. Certainly more
civilized and with the potential for a lot more power
...depending on your budget.

Decide how important things like power steering, cruise control
and air conditioning are for you. Yes, they are all doable but
add to the cost of conversion. Do your homework.

The (20v) sirens still call to me (Homer) but the wife says "get
a life". In reality I really like the turbo lag (and my wife)
they are both fun, challenging and primitive :-) Hey, when you
get past the half century mark, living in the past isn't all that
bad...so I'll keep the 10v and the AAN is for sale.


>  Someone locally is selling their totaled '91 200
> 20vt. I am, at the least,
> planning on buying some parts off it for my wife's
> car. However, I've since
> started contemplating the pros and cons of
> transplanting a 20vt motor into
> my '85 urq. Realizing I would be working on one of the
> rarest Audis in the US
> and may cause irreversable changes to the car hasn't
> gone without thought.
>  Having said that I am interested in opinions
> concerning both technical issues