90q missing on cyl. 5...more help needed

Brett Dikeman brett@cloud9.net
Sun, 17 Feb 2002 23:59:14 -0500

I've heard about a lot of 90's doing this recently.  Paul Royal's did
it at the winter driving school, right around the time Javad
instructed a lister to check the coolant temperature sensor for
proper specs, and the connector's terminals, something about them
getting pushed back into the boot+out of the connector.

Paul's car was doing -exactly- what you described.  I don't know if
he ever fixed it; I passed along the info and didn't hear much about
it further.  Still, it's an obvious and easily done check.  Bentley
has specs on what the sensor should read at various temperatures(or
SJM's site does, I can't remember which.)

Also, fix that multifunction temp sensor, without it, you have NO
overheat or temperature monitoring capabilities, and that's bad...

Make sure you clean the plugs after you solve this.  Paul's plugs
were totally fouled up.


At 11:15 PM -0500 2/17/02, Dave Hord wrote:

>Problem was present.  Car will miss and run really rough at idle. Pushing on
>the gas will cause the engine to stumble and miss further, back-fire into the
>exhaust manifold and such.  Give it FULL throttle and the car will stumble for
>a quarter of a second and rev right up smooth for you.  Keep it above 2500rpm
>and it's the smooth 5cyl I remember.  Let it drop to idle, and it's ugly.

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