AC recharge R12 to R134?
Thu, 6 Jun 2002 11:14:47 -0400

Well, I just went through a NIGHTMARE conversion on my Coupe GT. Audi offic=
ially doesn't recommend conversion of cars with the York or Delco-Air type =
compressors. I'm not sure what kind you car has, I think it has a Nipponden=
so which is OK to convert but you should check out the TSB on conversion. I=
t can be found at Make sure you=
r car has one of the compressors that can take R134a. Also, you NEED to rep=
lace the expansion valve and receiver/dryer as well as ALL o-rings (must us=
e the "green o-rings). Make sure he properly flushes ALL parts/lines (many =
parts must be removed to properly flush such as the compressor). If the old=
 oil for R12 remains and you put the proper oil for R134a in, it will turn =
to sludge quickly causing your compressor to freeze up. This is NOT a cheap=
 thing to do properly, but it can be done. I've discovered that it CAN be d=
one even on cars with York compressors, but since there was no documentatio=
n on what all had to be done, it was a trial and (lots of) error process. B=


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Here we go...  A reputable Audi mechanic has informed me that with the
addition of a specific oil/lubrication additive and a new fitting, he can
put R-134 freeon into our older Audi R-12 systems and claims that he has
been doing so on his customer cars for 7 years or so.  He further claims
that this is a reliable option and his customers have had little or no
problems with leaks as a result.  He noted that the 10-20% loss of
efficiency will occur with R-134, but otherwise, no problems.  Since I'm
holding out little or no hope that I'm going to find someone with R-12
available here locally in Portland, OR, I'm considering this R-134 swap.
Anyone care to comment?

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