How much is a aan 20vt exhaust manifold worth?

Mihnea Cotet
Mon, 22 Jul 2002 14:21:19 +0200

At 20:24 21/07/2002 -0600, mlp wrote:
>On the AAN Exhaust manifold side, my guess would be very little for a used
>one at least over here in the US, based on a significant number of stock
>manifolds being changed out for the straighter flowing RS2 style exhaust
>manifolds on a good many US based UrS4/6's.  I haven't heard of any
>alternate uses for the discarded stock units, of which by the way I have
>seen several off hard run cars with significant cracks.
>Intake manifolds are probably a whole nother story.  The only "spares" I've
>seen of those have come out off wrecks, so there aren't, as far as I know, a
>lot of extras floating about.  I've never ask my friendly Audi parts dealer
>for a price on one, but I wouldn't be surprise if the dealer wanted at least
>$500+ US for a "new" one.
>Along with the intake, don't for get that expensive little doohickey bolted
>to the front of the intake manifold inlet ..., your AAN throttle body.  That
>also looks to me like its an expensive little piece of work & I've no idea
>if its got any interchangeability with any other Audi throttle bodies, or if
>it its pretty "unique" to the AAN.

I *think* the AAN throttle body must be the same as a 3B/ABY TB... I'll
check that later and let you know because 3B/ABY TBs are easily sourced in