4.2 s6 sighting

Tom Nas tnas@euronet.nl
Mon, 22 Jul 2002 07:42:41 +0200

Per Lindgren <lindgre@online.no> wrote:

>Are you saying that the 4.2 is rare in Holland? I have seen three this
>weekend, 2 S4s and 1 S6. All three were Avants, the S6 is one I see
>almost daily. Because of Norways stupid car taxes, all three were
>registered as delivery vans.

Rare? No, I see at least one every year... :-)

4.2-litre delivery vans? They use mostly VW Transporter TDIs for that here.
Better fuel economy.
Seriously, we used to have that van tax dodge here, too. All kinds of
unlikely cars were sold as vans- Nissan 180SX turbo, Renault 5 GT turbo,
Volvo 480ES... they put a stop to that by stating a minimal load area in
the laws, which immediately ruled out the car-based vans for eligibility.