(1.8t PHOOIE!!) Turbo 4000Q conversion idea

JShadzi@aol.com JShadzi@aol.com
Mon, 22 Jul 2002 20:17:49 -0400


I agree that the 1.8t is not the strongest motor VW has ever made, but I di=
sagree in the severity of your statements. There are hundreds if not thousa=
nds of good running street versions making a solid 280hp without any troubl=
e=2E  The 1.8t bottom end is fine to 300hp reliably, and the head flows lik=
e a mo-fo, plus, with all the stock Motronic engine management there are so=
me very good bolt on turbo kits for under $5k that have proven 280 crank hp.

I love the 5 cylinder, but the 1.8 is an impressive little package.  I don'=
t know if its worth swapping one into an older Audi especially when the 10 =
and 20v I5's make power so well and reliably with relatively small amount o=
f installation work.


>I've said this before and I'll say it again, the 1.8t is not the way to go
>unless you keep the engine relatively stock. The 150-180hp versions were
>designed and constructed as ECONOMY motors, compared to the V6 mills. They
>will get fairly decent fuel mileage yet yield some semblence of 'scoot'
>under WOT. However, the guts of the motor are fragile in comparison to any
>other 'current' motor Audi ever built. The valve stems are about the
>diameter a Q-Tip. The rods are weaker than those in the weakest normally
>aspirated 4 or 5 cyl. Yes... you can chip them, make them breath better and
>do all sorts of fun stuff, and then you end up with a grenade. Audi spent
>tons of $$$ to learn this, as they tried it in order to make the TT faster.
>After pretzeling a few rods, they beefed up the reciprocating parts and
>turned out a 225hp version. So... if you're dead set on doing a 1.8t
>conversion, shoot for a TT motor ($$$$$). If all you want is a reliable
>stock mill, then a 150-180hp will do. Either way, don't count on hopping a=
>of them up more than 35-40% over stock hp figures, if you want something y=
>can count on for everyday driving. Yeah, there are a few 300hp 1.8's runni=
>around. They are either TT mills or older ones that were upgraded with
>better guts. If not, stand back when the take off.
>If you're trying to be different, go for the 1.8t. Otherwise, 250hp out of=
>cheap and readily available 10vt is attainable, reliable and relatively
>inexpensive. For perhaps $3500, you can drop a 20vt in and START off with
>nearly 250hp. $1000 more and your nipping at 300hp. And as I've said again,
>Bruno showed up at one of our hillclimbs in a factory built URQ with the
>20vt, with just over 600hp.... made a dozen passes up the mountain, drove
>the thing on the streets clear across town 4 times, to the hotel and
>back.... Now that's reliable!!
>Rolf Mair