Turbo 4000Q conversion idea.

Chris Semple chris@force5auto.com
Mon, 22 Jul 2002 21:01:42 -0400

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> tranny?  Chris, could you elaborate a little more on the
> tranny issues?
>  Why the '98+ tranny, or rather, why not a pre-'98  Are there
> longitudinal v. transverse issues to consider with the donor
> tranny and engine?

Ti's right on the start year, a '97 A4q 1.8T would be the first trans that
would bolt up. You'll want a quattro std trans that would bolt up to a 4cyl
engine, not easy to find. I expect you'd stick with components from a
longitudinal mount car, vs the added complications of transferring bracketry
off a transverse car.

> This is a great idea.  The 4kq tranny mounts are bolted to
> the subframe.
>  With some good measurements a salvaged subframe could be set up on a
> bench with accurate references to the motor mount locations.
> That help much in fabrication of the bits necessary to land the
engine/tranny on
> the mounts.

More so than that, since the 4cyl engine mounts are on the subframe, not on
the body like a 4000q 5cyl. The 4000s 4cyl subframe may be a good shortcut.
The trans mounts seem trivial to setup, compared to making sure the engine
sits in the engine bay properly. Once you get the engine situated, the trans
is basically along for the ride and those mounts can be made easily. The
shifter will be more hassle, and the custom length propshaft...

> The Big Payback.
> Has anyone weighed a 10v n.a. engine?   Plus tranny?  A 1.8t?
> Cheers.
> Dave Alarie

Dunno, never weighed one without a pallet attached!

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