(1.8t PHOOIE!!) Turbo 4000Q conversion idea

R. Mair waves@epix.net
Mon, 22 Jul 2002 21:00:44 -0400

You might be correct in saying that thousands of 1.8t's are out there,
pushing double their original HP. However, the 225hp version of the 1.8t is
internally, quite different. Audi found this out for you, through extensive
R&D. They decided that in typical Audi tradition, they would produce a motor
that can handle 100+ thousand miles without a catastrophic failure of an
internal part. So, if the lesser 1.8t version was not up to Audi's longevity
standard (at 225hp), that leaves me reason to believe that someone chipping
and flowing a standard, early issue 150hp is going to, at some point, have
problems. Again, audi proved this. And I'll bet that the majority of these
300hp 1.8's are either A.- started life as a 225hp TT version  B.- have been
internally modified or are not really putting out 300hp  or C.- waiting for
the right time to explode.  It could take 20k miles, or even perhaps 80k
miles. It's a matter of time.


> I agree that the 1.8t is not the strongest motor VW has ever made, but I
disagree in the severity of your statements. There are hundreds if not
thousands of good running street versions making a solid 280hp without any
trouble.  The 1.8t bottom end is fine to 300hp reliably, and the head flows
like a mo-fo, plus, with all the stock Motronic engine management there are
some very good bolt on turbo kits for under $5k that have proven 280 crank
> I love the 5 cylinder, but the 1.8 is an impressive little package.  I
don't know if its worth swapping one into an older Audi especially when the
10 and 20v I5's make power so well and reliably with relatively small amount
of installation work.
> Javad
> >I've said this before and I'll say it again, the 1.8t is not the way to
> >unless you keep the engine relatively stock. The 150-180hp versions were
> >designed and constructed as ECONOMY motors, compared to the V6 mills.
> >will get fairly decent fuel mileage yet yield some semblence of 'scoot'
> >under WOT. However, the guts of the motor are fragile in comparison to
> >other 'current' motor Audi ever built. The valve stems are about the
> >diameter a Q-Tip. The rods are weaker than those in the weakest normally
> >aspirated 4 or 5 cyl. Yes... you can chip them, make them breath better
> >do all sorts of fun stuff, and then you end up with a grenade. Audi spent
> >tons of $$$ to learn this, as they tried it in order to make the TT
> >After pretzeling a few rods, they beefed up the reciprocating parts and
> >turned out a 225hp version. So... if you're dead set on doing a 1.8t
> >conversion, shoot for a TT motor ($$$$$). If all you want is a reliable
> >stock mill, then a 150-180hp will do. Either way, don't count on hopping
> >of them up more than 35-40% over stock hp figures, if you want something
> >can count on for everyday driving. Yeah, there are a few 300hp 1.8's
> >around. They are either TT mills or older ones that were upgraded with
> >better guts. If not, stand back when the take off.
> >
> >If you're trying to be different, go for the 1.8t. Otherwise, 250hp out
of a
> >cheap and readily available 10vt is attainable, reliable and relatively
> >inexpensive. For perhaps $3500, you can drop a 20vt in and START off with
> >nearly 250hp. $1000 more and your nipping at 300hp. And as I've said
> >Bruno showed up at one of our hillclimbs in a factory built URQ with the
> >20vt, with just over 600hp.... made a dozen passes up the mountain, drove
> >the thing on the streets clear across town 4 times, to the hotel and
> >back.... Now that's reliable!!
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> >Rolf Mair
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