driving cross country-hope my q will make it!

scott thomas scott@dreamtheater.zzn.com
Tue, 23 Jul 2002 10:17:04 -0700

I'll be driving from NYC to Des Moines, Iowa on
Friday, taking 80 all the way through. Probably
gonna stop off at Cleveland as our first break.

I really do hope my 200q is good enough to make
it. I've done most everything or check what
needs to be. Probably will just replace my front
brake pads, to be safe. My a/c, the most
important thing, works. Just did an oil change
with Mobil 1 15/50 and a Mann filter. I'll hold
off on the fuel & air filter for when I come
back (don't want to tempt fate!).

Anyone know any good places or things to do
around there?

Anyone know of any good and safe places to stop
afterward, along the way? Any good eating?

Necessary Audi content-I hung up my headliner
this morning. It started dropping from around
the back window, a problem I've seen twice now.
Tried spraying it down with adhesive, but the
foam seems to have broken down and is impeding
the adhesion. I just take that trim piece off
(the one that runs along the back window),
stretch the headliner back, then replace the
trim over it. Always works, but the extra
headroom "hump" is lost. Noone really notices,

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