Exhaust Replacement

Huw Powell human747@attbi.com
Wed, 24 Jul 2002 00:21:15 -0400

>   I have a 85 coupe, and it recently has come down with a crack in the
> exhaust manifold.  I was lucky enough to come accross a manifold and
> downpipe from a 85 4kq and I wanted to put the manifold, and downpipe on my
> coupe.  The question I have it this.  How hard is it to replace the
> manifold myself?  The shop I went to said that they would replace the
> manifold and the downpipe in addition to creating a 2.5" exhaust pipe with a
> single muffler for about $525 if I supply the manifold and the downpipe.

that sounds like a good deal...

> Am I missing anything here? or is does someone have a BTDT way that would
> make it easier?

biggest headache - exhaust manifold studs.  breaking, seizing, drilling
out, etc.  nasty work unless you've got the right tools and attitude,
and maybe being paid to do it.  otherwise, you have it about right.  The
IM may not need to be removed, but it will be a lot easier with it out.
Remember that your stock pipes will not bolt up the 4kq downpipe, so you
either have to fab something or go straight (and loud) to the shop for
the rest of the work.

Huw Powell