question on HP and how its measured (LAC)

Peter Golledge
Tue, 23 Jul 2002 23:06:58 -0600 (MDT)

> I'll have my car ('85 coupe quattro) on a dyno in RWD form on a Bosch dyno
> pretty soon and I've already spoken to the shop's owner, who showed me a
> dyno graph and told me how everything works. The Bosch dynos measure
> power/torque at the wheels and then, after the acceleration, the car has to
> decelerate by itself, which translates itself in a negative HP reading.
> THAT negative reading is the drivetrain loss actually, and the Bosch dyno
> calculates the HP at the crank according to the drivetrain losses. The car
> will be dynoed in RWD form because the dyno is a 2WD only so I'll pull the
> front driveshafts, use some old outer CV joints to hold the bearings, lock
> the center diff and that's all.. of course, this won't ever work on a
> Tor$en car...

Ummm, would it not be easier just to disconnect the driveshaft and
run FWD with locked diff?

Peter Golledge