@#|$* pilot bearing, was 3B conversion in an '85 coupequattro

Huw Powell human747@attbi.com
Wed, 24 Jul 2002 01:46:35 -0400

> I've removed the pilot bearing's inner race and struggled for more than one
> hour with the outer race... I didn't try the hydraulic lock technique as I
> couldn't find a shaft that has the right size so I dremelled the inner race
> and then the outer race... the problem is that even dremelled it won't come
> out and I've already scratched the crank... is it a BIG problem if there
> are some dremel marks on the crank (where the bearing's outer race sits
> actually)? I tried chiselling it out with a screwdriver and it didn't work
> either... tomorrow I'll go and borrow a bearing puller and see if it comes
> out or not...

Just keep hacking away... when you are done, gently and carefully clean
up any burrs your scratches in the crank may have with emery cloth or

Huw Powell