question on HP and how its measured (LAC)

Wed, 24 Jul 2002 02:08:04 -0400

It was always my understanding that as of about 1968 (or maybe it was 1971
or 1973?), all auto manufacturers were supposed to report their hp ratings
at the wheel.  Before that time, most ratings were taken at the crankshaft.



Hi gang,

Since we have a discussion on horsepower today, I was wondering where
manufacturers are specifying the rating.  Is it at the crankshaft or at the
wheel?  If its at the crankshaft are the manufacturers measuring the output
on a test stand?

For reference, some of you may recall that I ran my urq on the 4 wheel dyno
at ATP a while ago and recorded a max of 152.2 HP at the wheel.  In
contrast, a stock A4 1.8T rated 150HP, measures only 99 at the wheel.  On
the other hand a modified S4 (2.7 V6 bi-turbo) measured 295 HP at the


urq #900302