Measuring HP
Wed, 24 Jul 2002 09:04:31 EDT

The quattros eat a lot of losses thru friction, especially the torsen cars.
Most chassis dyno correction figgrs for the torsen cars is 25-29%.  This
isn't an arbitrary number.  The car is put on a practice run so that the dyno
can calibrate the estimated Drive Line Loss.  The '95 S6 I tested earlier
this year came up with a 25% DLL.  The S car list guys went thru a lot of
this in the last year, and the debate still continues.  IME, however you want
to calculate the "estimated" flywheel HP, it's just estimated.  But
considering most rear wheel drive cars come up in the 12-15% range, the 25-30
seems reasonable to me.

The main rule about dynos is really what gets to the ground is what counts.
There (RWHP), topping the 300hp mark on an audi is harder than most think.
Many have thrown numbers around on these lists.  IME/O, the only ones that
really count are the Chassis Dyno or the 1/4 mile times.  Both can give a
reality to butt dynos.


Scott Justusson