CGT no start might be dead, Please Help
Wed, 24 Jul 2002 10:24:28 EDT

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Matt, how well did you inspect the timing belt, is it lined up properly?  It
could have skipped or stripped a tooth, unlikely if your belit has been
changed in the last few years, but still.


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> The car in with one wheel in the grave is my ' 83 CGT turbo.  I went to an
> appointment this afternoon witht he car running great, shut car off and
> came
> out an hour later.  Made it about two blocks and it stated to sputter and
> miss like it had a vacuum leak, get another two blocks and car stalls.
> Checked all hose connections everything looks and feels like it should.
> Tried to start the car and it turns over normal but will not start.  Fuel
> pump reg is working fine, fuel pump makes noise.  As far as I can tell it
> is
> getting spark also,  major components of ignition are relatively young,
> spark
> plugs maybe 2months old.  try to start several more times, nothing...
> Towed
> car home, we tried to pull start it a few times but still nothing.
> Finally,
> I get it home and try to start it again.  This time the motor spins over
> really fast as if all the spark plugs had been removed, no compression.
> The
> timing belt is still intact, and the belt turns when the starter is bumped.
> Is this what happens with cylinder wash down?  If that is what it is, is
> there any hope of rcovery.
> Thanks in advance,
> Matt Kramer