Going across country too!!!

scott thomas scott@dreamtheater.zzn.com
Wed, 24 Jul 2002 11:28:38 -0400

Well, I have good experience driving audi's long
distances. Trial by fire, if you will. My
deceased 87 turbo 5spd was bought up in
Connecticut. Driven home to Long Island
flawlessly. Then I started messing around with
the car...

My 87 5ktq from Hartford, with lots wrong, no
problem. The supposed to be new Michelin man
hose blown, too.

My 90 200q, more recently, from Palmer Mass to
further out on LI. No problems, despite the 130
degree tear in the michelin man hose and no
starter. You heard right. 200 miles. Just keep
the rpms up to 3000 on the construction zones of
the highway. Lickily, the rest of the car was in
verrrrry goooood shape. Much work to ensure the
reliability of this car after I brought it home.
Shouldn't be a problem. It's mostly highway
driving, so there will be considerably less wear
all over, including the motor oil. M1 15/50 &
Mann filter. The p.o. changed the head, so I'm
going to go with the feeling that the timing
belt still has plenty of life until I change it
myself, to be sure.

~1,200 miles each way from NYC, I live 50 miles
further out.

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