CGT no start might be dead, Please Help

Kneale Brownson
Wed, 24 Jul 2002 13:05:52 -0400

At 08:53 AM 07/24/2002 -0700, Fisher, Scott wrote:

>Matt Kramer writes:
> > This time the motor spins over
> > really fast as if all the spark plugs had been
> > removed, no compression.  The timing belt is still
> > intact, and the belt turns when the starter is bumped.
>But does the CAMSHAFT turn?  That's the key.  I had exactly these symptoms
>on my '83 CGT (no turbo), and the problem was that the timing belt had
>slipped off the cam sprocket.  The spinning-really-fast is the indicator.
>Have someone bump the starter while you look down the oil filler hole and
>see if the cam is turning.  And I'm sure we've all got our fingers crossed
>that it's something that simple...

You don't have to take off the oil filler cap:  There's a hole in the back
of the TB rear cover right where you need to look on the radiator side of
the valve cover gasket to see whether the cam sprocket is aligned.  You can
see the back of the sprocket through that hole.  I painted the alignment
notch in the back of the sprocket white to make it more visible.