Fixed My Cruise Control!

Thu, 25 Jul 2002 07:50:40 -0400

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I fixed my cruise control and it cost me a whopping $3.08 including tax. He=
re is what was wrong. If you look at this diagram http://www.humanspeakers.=
you will see there is a rod attached to the vacuum actuator (4). On the rig=
ht side of the rod is a little round ball that holds the rod onto the throt=
What they don't show you in the diagram, is the little bushing that holds t=
he other end of the rod onto the clip on the vacuum actuator so that when t=
he vacuum pump enggages it holds the throttle open. Well, on my 100Q that l=
ittle do-dad was broken. Went to my local VW dealer (the nearest Audi deale=
r is 40 miles away) and ordered the clip. Put it on two days later and we b=
e crusin'. I was so damn proud that a complete ignoramus like myself was ab=
le to do this for only $3.08, thanks to a suggestion from this list! Thanks=
 to all of you who contacted me with suggestions when I first posted this a=
 couple of weeks ago.