Fixing Leaky TB, was IC inlet O-ring size?

Jim Green
Thu, 25 Jul 2002 21:12:51 -0700 (PDT)

> My homemade plug just pressurizes the entire intake
> also
> ends up pressurizing the crankcase too, which is why
> you should watch
> for the dipstick shooting out(this happened to me
> once, when I had
> too small an o-ring on it.)
> Pressurizing the entire system is by far the
> quickest, safest, and
> easiest way to find boost leaks.  Uh, yeah, I think
> I'll wander
> around the engine compartment with a unlit propane
> torch.  Uh, NOT.
> Especially when used with one of those portable air
> tanks, you can
> -instantly- tell, simply by listening, where leaks
> are and how bad
> they are.
> >Also, why did you say only 10 psi or so when
> pressurizing.  Is that
> >because you don't want to exceed the 1.8 bar that
> is typically
> >pressurized on the stock set up?
> Yes- the ECU pressure sensor could be damaged
> otherwise.  I would
> have said 14psi, except that leaves no margin for
> error; 2bar is the
> max rated pressure for that sensor.
> Brett

On that note, my throttle body is leaking pretty bad
at the pivots, giving a nice hissing sound under
boost.  It's of the KH variety.  Anyone had any luck
fixing something like his?


Jim Green
'89 90tq 034EFI, Haltech IG5

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