are 1986/87 5ktq brakes really different from other years?
Fri, 26 Jul 2002 02:03:19 -0700

I just looked at the caliper on my '86 Coupe GT, and I can see why I thought that.  It says "54" on it, and
also Girling.

I didn't compare this side-to-side with the 5kt caliper, but maybe I should.  I gues these are different
calipers?  Is there a "Girling G54" and a "Girling 54"?  Or what?

Or, if I read super-into what you wrote, is there a G54 and a G54/G60?  Probably not that one.



On 26 Jul 2002 at 2:54, Huw Powell wrote:
> wrote:
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> > Huh?  Wow.  This is very interesting, as my MC-1 donor 5kt has G54's on it, which are the same as the
> > o.g. brakes on my Type 85's.
> nah, look again.  the type 85's don't have, and won't fit, the G54/G60.
> They just look similar.
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> Huw Powell