90tq Oil Pressure, Can't Prime Oil Pump

Huw Powell human747@attbi.com
Fri, 26 Jul 2002 20:46:27 -0400

> I'm getting closer to the first start of my MC-1 in my '88 90q (see
> http://www.teenaflanner.com/chris/90tq_turbo_conversion_gallery/).
> Before I try to start it I want to make sure I'm getting oil pressure.

on Brendan's NF, I resorted to some ugly tricks to get the pump primed.

cranking (with the coil disconnected) was not doing it, so I got a
rubber hose and crammed/screwed it into the oil temp sender hole in the
bottom of the pump after looking at some pix of how the pump is laid
out.  Then I poured oil into the hose and, um applied positive air
pressure (real tasty) to the hose to force the oil into and around the
pump gears.

It sorta worked, the next round of cranking brought the pressure up.

Huw Powell