ALLROAD (2.7t) OWNERS, I have questions...
Mon, 29 Jul 2002 13:27:48 -0400

Quoting "R. Mair" <>:
> Yeah, I hear Porsche is requiring seperate buildings for their vehicles, =
> the same dealer sells Audi. Seems that the mix between the two makes puts=
> blemish on Porsches otherwise decent customer relation. This fact is the
> only reason I'm hesitating to buy an Audi. Sigh.... great car, and such
> lousy PR.

When I called and spoke to Didi at Carlsen the other day, she said their co=
mputers were down because the technicians were busy moving everything.  IIR=
C, it was either because they (Audi) were moving out, or Porsche was.