Fuel pump removal tool

auditude@get.net auditude@get.net
Mon, 29 Jul 2002 20:26:00 -0700

I see pics of the tool here:


Nevermind.  My '88 is totally different than than the rig shown in
the pic.  Now I see why you call it a basket retainer.


On 29 Jul 2002 at 22:53, Kneale Brownson wrote:

> At 06:12 PM 07/29/2002 -0700, auditude@cox.net wrote:
> >I didn't need the tool either.  I just drove off the retaining ring with a
> >screwdriver.  There is a danger of
> >creating sparks, so if you have a wooden dowel or other non-sparking
> >device, it would be best.
> The tool asked about originally was the one for extracting the pump from
> its basket retainer, not the one for releasing the cap on the fuel
> tank.  The latter is easily released and reinstalled with a
> nonsparking  rod (I used a brass dowel) and hammer.

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