Brake Bleeding ABS

Suffolk GameServer LAN
Tue, 30 Jul 2002 01:22:02 -0400

We used to do it with the two person pump pump pump crack
never got it right (three attempts usually.) 4000Q's
Just bought a tank pump combo ~$40 from Adrondack parts.  Did my 200 ABS
Avant in like 45 minutes FAST.
Start longest line first ( I think) rear pass then rear driv then pass then
drivers'.  No extra work needed due to the ABS.
I got a FIRM pedal on the first try.  If I did something wrong please kindly
point it out to me.
One person job.  Used more fluid than neccessary ( 1.5 liters of Dot 4) but
I was makin' sure it was all out.
Buy one - looks like a mini deck stain sprayer.
I'm going to salvage yards to buy ford truck master cyl res covers and make
adapters for them too!
-Scott in BOSTON HTH

The plethora of questions continues... have been giving the '86 5ktq some r=
oad use while I try to sort the emissions problems and whatnot. Having driv=
en it a bit now, I note that sometimes the brake pedal acts a little odd- i=
t's never spongy, really, but it's harder some times than others. Sometimes=
 at parking speeds it feels like it might be dragging slightly. Before I te=
ar into replacing everything in the brake system (grin) I figure I'll bleed=
 out the brakes until all the fluid is new...
What with the hydraulic assist and the ABS, are there any serious gotchas i=
n bleeding the brakes? I've done it countless times, even on my old 5kt, bu=
t that didn't have ABS. Thinking just use DOT 4 and get a helper to pump th=
e pedal- is there more to it than that?