Replacement Battery Source 1990 200 TQ

Brett Dikeman
Tue, 30 Jul 2002 02:01:07 -0400

At 12:21 AM -0500 7/30/02, Blake Gibb wrote:
>Does anyone have a suggestion for a good source for a replacement
>battery for my 1990 200. The current battery has the vent cover that
>hooks to the vent tube to exhaust bad nasty gases.

Yep, the gasses are explosive too(hydrogen is one component of the
vented gasses.)

>  Most batteries do not appear to be so equipped for the vent hose.

I've never heard of anyone having trouble finding vent-equipped
batteries; some just simply have a cap and a small elbow fitting that
gets connected where the cap was etc.  I'd just ask whereever you go

>  Also, if I hook up
>another battery to the front aux post(in engine bay) with jumper
>cables will the radio keep current while I remove the old battery.

Yes, just be very careful where you let the plus cable go after you
disconnect the old one! :-)

>  I don't have the radio code. I know the dealer where my car was
>originally sold, would they be able to supply me with the code?

Yes, as would any dealer...they pretty much just need to see the
radio and the dealer will probably want to see the registration for
the car and some ID(just to make sure you're the owner etc, though
I've never been asked for either.)

If you don't have a DIN removal tool(ie two U-shaped widgets to
remove the radio), you should probably call ahead so they can
schedule it(or at least they know to expect you) since it will
require grabbing a mechanic for a few minutes to pull the radio out
of the dash.

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