Fuse Amperage??? for a fuse between the battery and the car.

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I believe the intent of both the gelled electrolyte and fiberglass mat of t=
he two types is to isolate the plates from vibration/contact and increase t=
heir life.

Btw, looking at the MSDS' of various batteries online, the gel cell ones us=
ually are described as having a gelled electrolyte, whereas the Optima isn'=
t described that way.

Whatever the Optimas are, I think they're cool.  There are other spiral des=
igns out there too, which may be licensed by Optima, or not.


"Michael Guidotti" <MAGUID@MAIN.DJJ.STATE.SC.US> wrote:
> its not a gel cell, the spiral wrap is something like a baby diaper and s=
uspends the acid in the fibers. you can actually drill a hole through the b=
attery and it will not leak.
> Mike Guidotti
> >>> <David.Ullrich@ferguson.com> 07/30/02 01:38PM >>>
> It has to be some sort of gel cell. Wet cell Batteries must be kept uprig=
ht to work and Optimas can be mounted any direction. I'd bet it IS a Gel Ce=
ll bit it is "better than a gel cell" because of it's spiral design...
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> I don't believe an Optima is a "gel cell" battery.  It incorporates spira=
l plates and fiberglass mat, and it fully sealed, but technically not a gel=
> Here's a link to a FAQ on how Optimas are better/different than gel cells:
> http://www.optimabatteries.com/faq.asp#q15