re. Tach signal on type 85 and Michelin Man hose ruminations

Ben Swann" <
Tue, 30 Jul 2002 23:46:53 -0400


[Also, today I blew my first Michelin Man hose!!!! Not because of too much
boost, nor because of a used hose (actually it looks like new) but because
the fact that the hose has rubbed against the timing belt cover, and it
slowly worked into a nice hole... and I was wondering why I used to get
slightly less boost and then finally the car used to stumble and would not
hold a nice idle.... does someone know if duct tape can be a viable
temporary solution?..
'85 Coupe quattro - 3B converted now with a blown MM hose :(((]

Yes, duct tape will work fine.

Even better, if you have some rubber sealant(various types available).
 Clean the hose good with isopropyl alcohol.  Seal around the abraded area
with whatever Goop you have available.  Then wrap with hose tape or duct

I actually used this stuff called Goop, and wrapped rpretitively with Black
Duct tape/hose bandage.  Never failed on me, although I have since replaced
the hose,  I'd have no qualms of using it, except it looks like, well, a
hose covered with duct tape.  I bet I'd have a hard time even cutting
through it with a knife.