low A/C output

Beer, Jerald jbeer@BooseCasey.com
Wed, 31 Jul 2002 15:32:23 -0400

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The A/C in the 97 Cab has been acting funny last couple of days. The A/C
blows OK out of the left and right set of middle 3 vents but nothing out of
the center. Since I am not the daily driver, I can't tell if this is
unusual. However, the two left side vents blow at about half capacity (thumb
wheel is open) and the air is luke warm, likes its mixing with outside air.
The right 2 vents have almost nothing coming out. Car has standard non auto
climate control. Has a vacuum hose or duct  become detached somewhere?? Any
thoughts appreciated.
91 200qa
97 Cab
94 Cab
assorted non Audi's