bad fuel pump relay?
Fri, 9 Aug 2002 21:47:08 EDT

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> I took the fuel pump relay out of my 89 90q to see if there is anything
> abnormal that could cause the intermittent ignition shutoff I have described
> where the car will stall and the tach will drop almost as if one turns off
> the ignition key and will not restart for 5 minutes to over an hour.

The way the tach drops leads me to believe its electrical, not fuel.
I am chasing the same sort of problem on my WX URQ.
Mine started acting up one day going to work, cutting out more & more until
it would barely run. It never died but got to the point it sounded like it
was running on 1 cyl.
I gambled and drove it home in the afternoon and had no problems. I have
checked everything (fuse panel wires, ignition switch, grounds, complete
teardown of distributor, etc.) and found nothing, and cannot get it to repeat
the problem.
How hot does your car have to get before the problem occurs?
When I have issues that self correct over time, I usually think of a heat
related issue. An electrical circuit unable to handle the load for instance?
Let me know if you find anything, as it might help me as well.

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