4ktq brake upgrade opinions

Russ Maki rinard@execpc.com
Sat, 10 Aug 2002 00:49:00 -0500

Yeah Bob, I know TAP has a checkered reputation, but I don't believe that's
Craig's doing. I will confess that I've never done business with  Craig OR
Ivor. About all I know is that Craig's car brakes pretty well, and that he
has a helluva clue how to drive at Road America :-) Oh yeah, and that he's a
regular sponsor of Quattro Club and BMWCCA driving events in the Upper

His name and his car have come up in the Audifans archives.


Russ Maki
Ixonia, Wis.

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> From: Robert Myers <robert@s-cars.org>
> Subject: Re: 4ktq brake upgrade opinions
> At 09:28 PM 8/9/02, Russ Maki wrote:
> >Craig and his son run a tuning shop in Kenosha -- in fact, they're the
> >TAP distributor for the Upper Midwest.
> Hmmmm.  That's not all that good a recommendation, IMO. :-(
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