Tire recommendations -- all-seasons's

Doug Hill badoug@hotmail.com
Sat, 10 Aug 2002 02:03:49 -0600

I have Dunlop SP sport 5000's on my 4kq and they are not as sticky as the
potenza RE71's that I had before (that is a giiven as the potenza's are
summer and the dunlop's are all season)  but, the wet traction is great.
Unfortunately I have only had them on a few months and can't say for the
winter but from what I hear they are good.
Doug Hill
87 4kcs quattro
>From: "Ice Cat     ^. .^   ~" <iceisit@earthlink.net>
>To: quattro@audifans.com
>Subject: Tire recommendations -- all-seasons's
>Date: Fri, 9 Aug 2002 10:58:38 -0400
>Ameer wrote:
>>If you want any kind of performance out of your car, summer tires ONLY. If
>>like going 70 mph in 50 mph corners, you need sticky tires, w/
>>stiffer sidewalls;
>>but if you mostly drive straight highway miles or are a stop and go
>>type of driver,
>>or added cost of a set of snows and/or steel wheels is too much, all
>>season's are
>>OK. (To save a few bucks, you could get a set of cheap 14" or 15"
>>steel rims or
>>alloys just for the snows.) All-seasons try to do everything, but in doing
>>perform only marginally in all areas compared to summer treads, except
>>snow of
>>course. The problem is snow and dry driving require completely different
>>characteristics. For snows, you want soft, higher-profile tires w/
>>very thick tread.
>>But the best for summer is a stiffer, low-profile tire w/ very thin,
>>flat tread, as in
>>the competition tires w/ almost no tread. I think one of the biggest
>>differences in
>>handling you can make on a car is the tires. Just compare some crappy
>>brand all-seasons to a pair of Bridgestone or Sumitomo summer's.
>>The rule I go by is simple...snow's for winter, summer's for summer.
>>Just my opinion.
>Glad you posted this because when we get the mechanical fixed, next
>is tires.   Do I get wheels at the junk yard, for example ?
>I do not race my car, it is just for transportation, but I do drive
>much too fast sometimes.  My husband usually drive within the speed
>limit.     His tires are okay for now, but mine are trash.
>Where we are now in CT (I am from Minnesota where they get *real*
>snow falls) most of the winter problems besides some snow is freezing
>sleet.   There are hills here.   Studs are legal here now.  I need to
>consider economics as well.   Medium prices rather than top of the
>line is probably what we should go with for now.
>So for Spring, Winter and Fall what would you recommend for Audi 200
>with 15 inch wheels ?
>For winter where we can have snow or sleet, what would be good ?
>Thanks,   Fay
>Fay, the ice cat
>89 Audi 200 Turbo non-Q
>2.2 liter engine,
>engine code MC, two knock sensors
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