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Right now I have liability only on the CGT, but once the body work gets don=
e, I will add comprehensive and possibly collision. Adding comprehensive on=
ly would be very cheap for me.  State Farm also offers "agreed value" insur=
ance on cars over 15 years old. Of course if the agreed value is higher tha=
n blue book, rates are higher but not much. My plan is to insure it for wha=
t I have spent on getting it back into shape. I think it will be worth it. =
Yes, the cars BB value is only about $2,000 but with the $$ I have into tot=
ally fixing it up, I want to be covered.


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In a message dated 8/9/2002 Kneale Brownson writes:

<< How many drivers of Audis 12 or more years old are still paying to insure
them for anything but legally-necessary PLPD?   At what it would cost for
comprehensive coverage of my cars here in MI, I'd be paying for the car
again every four or five years. >>

I just dropped the comp and collision on my 5ktq, and never put it on the
4kq when we bought it a few months ago. That leaves only the new-to-us '95
A6q Avant with full coverage. I figure that the old ones ('87 5ktq and '86
4kq) are only worth around $1500 or so each. Comp and collision runs around
$300.00 per year (per car) for us on the older ones--so four to five years
of premiums pays for the car. A bad gamble on yourself--I know we certainly
don't average at least one at fault accident per every 4-5 years (we have
zero--my wife never and I not for many, many years).

I still think it may be worth it in a way, though, if you are concerned
about coverage for cracked/broken windshields, break-in damage, theft, being
smashed into by an uninsured motorist, etc. In all those cases one would
have out of pocket expenses even though you did no wrong. In fact, these are
the only types of claims we have had on our Auto Insurance over the past 9
or so years, come to think of it (one stolen radio, one windshield, one at
fault uninsured motorist smashed fender, and one careless milkman who ran
his dolly full of cases of milk into the side of my wife's parked car).

I certainly would have full coverage on an Ur-Q if I had one.

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