PA Northeast Extension drivers?

Shaun Folkerts
Mon, 12 Aug 2002 14:00:42 -0400

Yep, I tend to cruise that road pretty regularly. In my 1989 200qa, and
formerly in my '86 CGTCS (now sold...sniff!). Soon you'll see me in the '86
4kcsq, but only after the weather becomes more appropriate to that car than
to my summer-joy WMB. And yes, I hadn't mentioned the colors because I can
sum that up in 4 words: They're all anthracite grey.  :^)
Honk or wave next time. Look for the "Q" decals on the front and rear
Shaun Folkerts
A couple Audis and maybe one or two other cars...

"Dan Z. Johnson" wrote:

> I drive the PA NE Extension nearly every day between Quakertown and Mid
> county. Anyone else out there make this trip on a daily basis? I've seen
> a lot of Audis, some interesting ones, too.
> DanZ
> '95 90qs,
> Black