Headlight Repair

tnas@euronet.nl tnas@euronet.nl
Mon, 16 Sep 2002 17:17:19 +00200 (MEST)

I've attempted numerous repairs, but the amount of success seems to vary
with the age of the units (heat cycling makes the housings pretty brittle)
and the extent of the damage.

I've had a reasonable amount of success using metal strips (universal fixing
straps made from galvanised metal, perforated at regular intervals, can be
bought at the hardware store here). I haven't been able to make a successful
repair using glue, but pop rivets and self-tapping screws seem to work just
Disassembling and cleaning the housing is recommended.

Seems like a built-in flaw they're maintaining because it sells a lot of
nicely expensive headlights...

Regards, Tom