Survey: type 44 break down frequency

Wallace White
Mon, 16 Sep 2002 11:12:33 -0700

Glad you made it back with it still running, Geo. Good luck tracking the
problem down... maybe just a dying battery, or high quiescent current (i.e.
power off drain)?

Guess I'm glad to hear that other folks don't have as many break-downs as I
do... maybe I'm still just paying back for the PO's "deferred maintenace." Or
being a lightning rod for you, Zsolt, and Kneale. ;) (I'm sure there are some
other lightning rods out there.)

I can live with the non-stranding issues like A/C, window switches, even the
brake judder I need to look into (probably bushings). I'm just wondering how
often I might keep using that free towing in the future...

- Wallace
  '87 5kcstq 190k

george mills <> wrote:
> I must say, Wallace, that from your account I would seriously think of
> dumping the car for something more reliable :) All of my little
> mishaps occurred with the car in the driveway and close to tools,
> except today! Going about my business of making some dollars I came
> out of a building, got in ye olde 87 5kq, turn the key, starts to turn
> over and no more batts. Check the CC head channel 11 and see 10.5
> volts. Go back into building and friend says to use her car for a
> jump. My cables are about six feet or so and the only way to get it
> hooked up was to get her car onto the sidewalk as I was pretty much
> hemmed in. I got dirty looks from some pedestrians :) Left it running
> all the time when going about my errands. Who's gonna steal this ol'
> beast :) Alt. output was good the whole way and when I got home and
> shut it down in a more friendly environment there were 12.5 volts at
> the batt. Some errant thing is happening I'm going to have to track
> down, but now she's close to the tools.
> Best regards,
> Geo