re. Survey: type 44 break down frequency

Ben Swann" <
Mon, 16 Sep 2002 14:19:26 -0400

I'm happy to say I have not been stranded in over 10 years of AUDI
ownership.  I think it is because I do my best to seek out problems before
they occur.

I hope i'm not jinxing myself.  Comments below on the items.

[How many times have you wound up stuck on the side of the road in your
type 44 (5k, 100/200, V8)?

As you might surmise, I just chalked up another one. In my four years of
5k ownership, I've had four (hurray for towing coverage):

- I don't know if that is par for the course for 10 year or older cars or

(1) Clutch throw-out bearing, June '98.

-  Wouldn't need a tow for that if standard trans.

(2) Ignition switch, Jan. '99.

-  Yeah- they tend to go at around or before 150kmi

(3) Heater control valve, June '99.

-  OOh - I've had one leak giving me warning.  If not hot, but going south
while on the road, I guess hoseclamps inserted around a screwdriver or
whatever would get you to a parts store.

-  Kind of need to keep an eye on these things, especially before taking a
long trip.

(4) Fuel pump, three days ago.

-  I would think this of all things is one that is most likely to strand
you - did happen to me once in early VW ownership - Scirocco.  It was
giving me warnings, but I didn't know it.

I'm curious to hear how other folks' experiences and decisions have been
in this regard.

'87 5kcstq 190k]