Survey: type 44 break down frequency

David C Kumpf
Mon, 16 Sep 2002 19:08:10 -0600

Wallace Wright wrote:

> How many times have you wound up stuck on the side of the road in your
> type 44 (5k, 100/200, V8)?

1989 200Q, 107k when purchased in 1995, 233k now.  4 times:

1: bolt dropped out of tie rod where it attachs to the rack (about 160k
miles). Fortunately, I was just backing out of the garage at the time.
About 150k miles, I think, don't have records near me at the moment.

2: ignition module went bad. About 180k miles.

3: clutch master cylinder failed. About 200k miles.

4: radiator sprung a leak. About 220k miles.

Dave Kumpf
'89 200Q
'98 A6Q