Auction: Audi 81 5000s off of E-bay Paypal legal issue

Suffolk GameServer LAN
Tue, 17 Sep 2002 00:41:18 -0400

If the Paypal payment is (or makes) the full price of the car:  You own it
and have completed the contract obilgation established by winning the
Although I'm not an attorney - yet - The question is one of seller greed
knowing he could have gotten more $$$.

My advice:  You wanted the car, so get it delivered (or pick it up) if the
other buyer really pans out you can "still" sell it to him.
A copy of the contract and/or the sellers e-bay sales conditions (that
needed to be met) will be needed.
-SCott in BOSTON

recent purchase of an 81 5000s off of E-bay about a week ago
Any help / opinions would be appreciated. Especially since this is now
looking to be a legal battle with these people.

J. Lyons