Subject: Re: Throwout bearing?-turbo conversion
Fri, 20 Sep 2002 01:54:44 EDT

The throw out bearing and the lever 016141719 is interchangeable between the
4000q and the 5000tq/200tq>89.5.  To use the 89.5>1991 200tq TOB, you need to
buy the newer fork 016141719A which uses the later style (no clips) throw out
bearing.  Dimensionally, the 2 throw out bearings are exactly the same, it's
the attachment to the fork that's different.  IOW Minhea, you could have used
the 3B TOB, you just needed to buy the fork.  The fork BTW, is cheaper than
the bearing, go figure.


Scott Justusson


you should be using the throwout bearing for your tranny, not for the
engine... BTDT with the 3B clutch, I thought I'd use a 200q20v throwout
bearing but it didn't fit the fork which is very different from the 4kq.