Uneven pad wear ?

Huw Powell human747@attbi.com
Thu, 26 Sep 2002 01:06:00 -0400

> 84 4Ks,  FWD,  Disc brakes on front only.
> I have just finished installing a new set of pads and rotors. The pads
> replaced were a  four month old set of Mintex Red Box.
> What I found was the inner pad on the passenger side worn down to 1.5 mm
> or about 1/16 while the outside pad was just like new.
> The driver side was just the opposite.  Inside like new and the outside
> worn down to 1.5 mm.
> Anyone have any ideas on how this could happen?

As someone else said, probably sticking guide pins, which will stop the
caliper from "floating" in a centered position on the rotor, instead
causing it to ride in a fixed position, whihc will wear only one pad.

You might be able to dismantle, clean, relube, and perhaps replace the
rubber booties to fix it.  otherwise, it's new caliper time.

Huw Powell