[urq] silly idiot, urqs are for adults

Douglas Frank frank@zk3.dec.com
Wed, 16 Oct 2002 12:53:20 -0400

Now I ain't a particularly skilled driver, but I've flagged enough
corners to say, I just ain't buyin' this:

> Now that I have had a look at the flick, it looks as if the yellow car makes
> a classic swerve to the right in order to unload the springs on the right,
> before taking a deep turn to the lest, thereby throwing the rear into a
> broad curve, with the resulting wheelspin.

Right the first time, Brett.  He just picked the wrong corner to pass
in.  Going around the outside set him up to early-apex the right-hander,
and rather than slow down, he goes wide left entering it, which lets him
keep his momentum.  But that sets him up to early-apex the following
left-hander, and by now he's run out of talent.  So, brake HARD, break
the ass end loose, and power out.  He SHOULD have just followed the
camera car (which took a good line through the sequence) all the way
through, and powered around him on track-out of the final turn.

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