Fuel Distributor/ metering head number? Please comment.

cobram@juno.com cobram@juno.com
Thu, 14 Nov 2002 21:42:30 -0500


1990 200TQ Avant.  Needed fuel distributor, bought one.  Arrived today,
only I noticed that the tag numbers are different.  The fuel distributor
on the car had a tag with the part number: 0 438 100 147.   The "new"
fuel distributor has the tag number: 0 438 100 153.

Are these interchangeable?  Same thing?  Any comments or assistance
welcome, they LOOK enough alike that I'll be installing the "153" version
on the car tomorrow and hopefully all will be OK.

Please let me know if there will be problems installing the 0438100153 on
a car that originally had a 0438100147.

Thanks and BCNU,

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