'89 90q dash illumination

DePenning, Charles [FRCO/MTN] Charles.DePenning@EmersonProcess.com
Wed, 18 Dec 2002 08:58:31 -0600

Thanks to all for the help so far- I found and tested the light booster
unit.  Results- one terminal (gy/br) from the fuse panel has voltage, the
other two coming from the unit do not.  Looks like a bad booster unit.  So I
removed it from the car and opened it up- I sure hope that this thing isn't
a $300 item from the dealer, because there is not much in there.  One
resistor, one diode, one cap, and one mystery chip, which I'm guessing is
the component that I let the smoke out of.  Markings on chip:  PH914 (very
small) and BD437 (larger text).  Three leads.  It would be neat to fix this
thing or find a cheap replacement.  The Audi p/n on the outside is
893.919.080.  Anybody have a parts car with one of these in it that I could
buy from you?



Charley DePenning
Fisher Controls Intl., Inc.