ebay question

Pat Korach tm2 at zipcon.net
Tue Apr 1 11:13:51 EST 2003


I always wat till the end of the auction
and bid when there is about 30 seconds
left.  The upside is that it is pretty hard for someone to put a bid in
after you.  The
downside is if someone has a higher reserve than yours than there is no time
left to rebid.
Hope this helps

Pat Korach
Kirkland, WA

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> There is an item on ebay that I want to bid on (non auto related)
> When I went to bid, I was aked what the maximum I was willing to pay and
it will automatically increment up $10.
> Is this the only way to bid on ebay? I'd rather just check how the bidding
is each day or should I just wait till the time is about to expire?
> Thanks to everyone in advance.
> Steve

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