Fidanza Aluminum Flywheel?

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Also, keep in mind that a lighter flywheel does has a trade off. You gain on
HP and quicker RPM gain, which is what a turbo engine wants, but in a NA
engine it will eat some of the low end torque. A 7A engine would be an
exception, since it kicks in at higher RPM's.

Just my $0.02,


>From: "R Mangas"
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>Subject: Re: Fidanza Aluminum Flywheel?
>Date: Fri, 04 Apr 2003 07:57:10 -0500
> I have one in the turbo Miata and like it quite well, real racy
>If you do install one, make sure that the pressure-plate locating
>pins are
>appropriately tight/locktited in. It didn't occur to me to check
>and they
>got loose in the bellhousing. Made quite a racket:
>>From: David
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>>Subject: Fidanza Aluminum Flywheel?
>>Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2003 15:13:33 -0500
>>Anybody ever heard of Fidanza Aluminum Flywheels? They have an 11
>>pound one
>>for the NG/NF manuals. The description is: Built with 6061 T6 or
>>2024 T3
>>Tempered aluminum (depending on model). Special heat-treated 1050
>>carbon alloy steel friction surface (allows use of the most wicked
>>materials...from stock clutches to Kevlar or even sintered iron!)
>>with quality aircraft grade fasteners which feature incredible
>>strength and resistance to corrosion.
>>So, anybody heard of them? Or any BTDT wit these? Any recomendation
>>using a light weight aluminum flywheel with an otherwise stock 2.3
>>NG? How
>>much would you be willing to pay for one? Thoughts?
>>1987 CGT Special Build 2.3
>>SE Virginia
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