Classic Audi spotted!

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Fri Apr 4 09:21:54 EST 2003

Can anybody supply me with alink or contact information on the club? I'm in the market for a fun little roadster, and this might be the ticket. I was considering cars like a TR6/7/8, but I would love to stay in the family. Is there any suggested reading on these beauties? How hard is it to keep one of these? Like getting parts, having simple wortk done like maintenance tuneups, etc?


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> Subject: Re: Re: Classic Audi spotted!
> David,
> Yes, they were imported to the states.  The 2-stroke engine necessitated the
> use of premix, or an uneasy reliance on the troublesome oil injection pump
> that Auto Union had developed (often resulting in a siezed engine in the
> dead of winter), and they had only 50 hp.  IOW, they didn't sell too well in
> the "Land of Horsepower".  There are a number for sale in the DKW Club of
> America's newsletter, actually 3 in a job lot of 5 Auto Unions in Reno, NV
> (price not mentioned) and one for $4,500 in Denver, CO.
> As for the actual number imported to the US, I would have to defer to the
> more senior members of the Club.
> Steve Sears
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